There are three Armour Smiths in each different country, run by a smiths who makes body plates, shields and helmets. Their shop's stock change every 24 hours to match the player's level.

Roman ArmourerEdit

This shop is found in between the General Goods shop and the Arena. This is a standard shop that will not sell rare items. His stocks are usually a few level above the player with most items having minimal stat boost; there are times when his stocks offer +10 stat boosts from suffixes. He will not sell any items higher than blue quality, but will sell armor with prefixes for rubies that will offer an even bigger stat boost. This shop can still be useful at higher levels but the Auction Building is still a better choice at times if you got spending gold and are not afriad to risk it.

African ArmourerEdit

Shop avatar 1 2

German ArmourerEdit

Shop avatar 2 2


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