Npc bank

Two dark figures guard the entrance and eye up every visitor to the guild bank. You definitely do not want to start a fight with either of them. Inside the bank, lots of grids prevent unwanted intruders from entering. A bearded merchant with a funny look stands behind the counter. With Roman correctness he documents every donation in the donation book and fills the vault with #% of the guild gold.

The treasure trove of the guild and therefore also the centre of its growth. Donation are guarded very carefully here. With every expansion of the guild bank, a larger vault can be built that stores a further 2% of guild gold.

Image Level Price Amount of
gold in
Save 1 1 Icon gold 0 2%
2 Icon gold 26.316 4%
3 Icon gold 163.166 6%
4 Icon gold 595.464 8%
5 Icon gold 1.625.363 10%
6 Icon gold 3.692.038 12%
7 Icon gold 7.387.997 14%
8 Icon gold 13.473.812 16%
9 Icon gold 22.891.637 18%
Save 2 10 Icon gold 36.777.784 20%
11 Icon gold 56.474.533 22%
12 Icon gold 83.541.289 24%
13 Icon gold 119.765.202 26%
14 Icon gold 167.171.303 28%
Save 3 15 Icon gold 228.032.229 30%

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