It is always something special when entering the lair of a dragon - at least that is what a courageous hero`s widow is saying. Fame, glory and the dragon`s nest await the brave. Jewels, gold, magical weapons and golden eggs from happy hens! The cave is draped with spider webs, filled with monsters, overgrown with poisonous plants, full of deadly traps and littered with blood... whoever may not wish to enter it with cheery courage may also be right, yet will surely obtain less fame in life!


-Fight your way into the cave system. (Cerebus x2)

This can be accomplished by clicking on the cerebus in the bottom left corner.

-Shift the lever and disarm the pitfall trap. (Undersea Diver x3)

This can be accomplished by clicking on the small men in the top left hand corner.

-Show Barakun that you are able to overwhelm him (Barakun x1)

This can be accomplished by clicking on the minotaur that is between the pillars close to the bottom right.

Once all these tasks are accomplished, you are able to fight the boss. (Gernasch- a dragon) Once you have beated the boss, he will drop a Neptune(blue-colored) item.

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