Name Rat Lynx Wolf Bear
Image Rat Lynx Wolf 1 8
Level 1-2 2-5 4-8 8-10
Lifepoints 59-140 118-350 237-560 475-700
Strength Very weak (1-2) Weak (3-6) Normal (~9) Good
Dexterity Normal (3-6) Above average (6-13) Normal (10-18) Weak (14)
Agility Normal (4-8) Normal (8-16) Normal (14-20) Weak (22)
Constitut. Normal Weak Weak Above average (24)
Charisma Weak (3-6) Weak (6-12) Weak (10-18) Weak (22)
Intelligen. Normal Weak Weak Weak (12)
Armour Very weak (25-50) Very weak (40-110) Very weak (130-200) Normal (410-490)
Damage Weak (1-2) Weak (2-6 varies) Very weak (3-6) Normal (12-15)

If you believe what the old people say around here, there once lived a very popular king in this wood. The wood`s original name has been long forgotten and is now only known by the name Grimwood. Rumour has it, that this king made a pact with the dark side so that he could continue to reign forever. However, Grimwood is an extremely sinister place, full of wild animals and impenetrable brushwood. Countless numbers of hunters and lumberjacks went too deep into the woods, never to be seen again. If you believe the gossip, the old king took them into his lair so that they could serve him for all eternity...